2011. október 28., péntek

Lyrics Of The Moment Vol. 58: Roni Size - Lucky Pressure

Roni Size Reprazent - Lucky Pressure

Get what you want.
I feel so tired
Lucky the pressure
See a little owe that you can buy
Lucky Pressure
I'll race with you but i'm tired
Lucky Pressure
They were ahead but they got lost.
Lucky Pressure

Give what you want, I feel zo tired
Lucky Pressure
See what you want and you still want more (lucky pressure)
Lucky Pressure
Play games with girls instead of fire.
Lucky Pressure
I choose life untill expired.
Lucky Pressure

You're so lucky, stuck and stupid (x 2)

When it comes hard and fast
Spin it round and make them last
Watch this space i'm never still
Stop and Stare I never will

Get mixed but get expired
They raced again and began to tire
See the one that you can buy
One by one and side by side

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